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Is your local Network under performing?

Is that sluggish program, really the Network?

The latest tools provide answers.

Experience and knowledge presents fixes.

Is all the traffic on your Network yours?

Malware can cause Network congestion.

Malware can cause spikes in Internet data.

Malware can create unexpected data costs.


Do you have an in-house IT department?

Nobody is the best at everything.

Specialist advice empowers.

The knowledge is retained locally.

Measure, Document, and Record

When a baseline created through measurement is then documented, all future measurements now have a point of reference.

This can give guidance, and even answer questions the Management process poses. Such as:

How much storage will I need in 5 years time?

When will the current speed of the Local Area Network create a bottleneck that reduces productivity?

How much bandwidth is being consumed by the new CCTV HD Colour/Infrared Cameras we have deployed?

Can the available Internet bandwidth be used more efficiently by moving some time independent data transfers to a different time slot?

Monitor, Log, and Alert

Shining a light on what is presently not visible can provide the metrics essential to answer daily questions. Such as:

Is the internet slow today because the connection is congested?

Is our Internet Service Provider meeting the stated terms of our contract?

Is it our own users that are generating the extra traffic that slows the Internet every Friday afternoon?

What method of controlling nonessential Internet traffic will be most cost effective for my Company?

The Cloud based Payroll Application always seems slow when we need to use it, is this something we can improve by changing the time it is used? If so, what times should we try first?