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Network Analysis Services

Is your local network under performing?

Is that slow program really a slow Network?

Proven tools provide reliable data.

Experience and knowledge provides answers.

Cyber Security Services - CyberSecurity

Is all the traffic on your Network yours?

What tools can identify rogue network traffic?

Infiltrations generate abnormal traffic.

“Normal” traffic differs on every network.


Consulting, Network Design, Network Security, Monitoring Software

Is your IT support in-house?

Tools & training add protection to support.

IT support = IT security when training is added.

Tools = efficiency, maximising your R.O.I..

Measure, Record, and Document

When a baseline created through measurement is then documented, all future measurements now have a point of reference.

This reference point can provide guidance for future plans, and budgets. It may even present answers to questions. Such as:

How much storage will you need in 5 years time?

When will the current speed of your Local Area Network become a bottleneck reducing productivity?

How much bandwidth is being consumed by your new HD colour/infrared CCD Cameras?

Can your available LAN, and Internet bandwidth be used more effectively by moving backups, or large data transfers to a different time slot?

Monitor, Log, and Alert

Shining a light on information that is presently in the shadows can provide you with the metrics essential to answer common questions. Such as:

What is the root cause of the changes in the speed/response of your applications? Is it within your area of control to address this issue?

Is your Internet Service Provider meeting the terms of their contract?

Is it your own users generating traffic that slows the Internet every Friday?

What method of identifying, and controlling non-essential Internet traffic will be most cost effective for your Organisation?

Why does your Cloud based Accounting & Payroll appear slower when you most need it to be fast? Is it within your control to address this issue? How can you identify the cause, and how to work around it?